Solstice Challenge 2015

A few years back I started a challenge for WFRP players to create a onesheet adventure for Solstice. We did it a couple of times and after some time off I decided that the stars are right for another friendly competition.

In the old days WFRP was supposedly created as a “fantasy version of Call of Cthulhu”. I think this idea is still very good one and one we should follow in this challenge. Bring in the mysteries, cults and weird uncles. Raise up the dead ones and whisper threaded names in ancient libraries.

A present a challenge for all players and GMs alike. Create a onesheet akin the ones in official supplements and at the my download section.

The “rules” are as follows

  • It has to do with either Winter Solstice, apocalyptic visions, aligned stars and/or end of the world.
  • Tone down the fighting, increase the horror rating.
  • Keep it system free, if possible (for editions to enjoy your work).
  • Post your entry before 18th of December.
  • At 19th of December I’ll open a poll for two days of voting. If I don’t remember to do this send me emails. Or call me. Or poke me at Facebook (Lauri Maijala) or something. I tend to forget thinds. The winner will be declared at 21th of Decembet (Finland time).
  • No prices but fun adventures!

You might want to check out this guide (The Lazy Man’s Guide to Constructing a Call of Cthulhu Adventure).

Send your onesheet to me at doc_cthulhu (at) and I’ll host them here.

Don’t get too shy about this. If you have a good idea, post it. If you come up with something completely different, post it. Want to do it anynomously? Just do it! Main reason for this is to get a number of entries. I have already had to entries and didn’t even check if they meet the criteria.

As a final note: If you want to you can use my #mapvember challenge maps from my Guild’s IG feed. I can send you a larger, scanned file, should you need them.


Using Arkham Horror App as inspiration

As a addicted iPhone user and a boardgame geek I couldn’t resist the lure of FFG’s app for Arkham Horror. Only recently I started to wonder if I would ever be using it as I still like the cards and bits and pieces. I toyed around with an idea of a Call of Cthulhu scenario/campaign in Arkham but it seemed kind of pointless.

Then an idea occured to me. One of the main points WFRP (way back when 1st edition was published) was to create a Call of Cthulhu game in a fantasy setting. Nowadays the game has pretty much moved on though an odd cultis plot pops up every now and then when the skaven aren’t behind it all… But for me it was one of the points that made the game so dear to me and it’s still the main idea behind my game mastering.

So I wondered – why not use the app for random effects in Warhammer? Sure the setting is pretty different and there’s no “gate bursts” in the Old World. Or is there?

WFRP is kind of an action packed monster hunt these days. At least if you look at the published material. So how actually hunting monsters from another dimension would fit in quite nicely.

This kind of use would demand some extra effort from GM as the events in Arkham Horror are designed for a boardgame. But as all GMs (at least to my knowledge) are pretty creative it shouldn’t be that big of a problem.

“A gate appears” – does it mean a passage to skaven tunnels, an actual portal to Chaos Realm, a transfer to encounter mode or something else? The GM only knows. And if he doesn’t he can always “draw” a new encounter that could possibly be better suited to the current situation.

This is all just ramblings of course as I haven’t even tried it myself – yet. But it still should point out that interesting sources of inspiration can be found anywhere!