We Wish You A Scary Solstice

Today I posted this on StS and FFG’s forums:

In the old days WFRP was supposedly created as a “fantasy version of Call of Cthulhu”. I think this idea is still very good one. Bring in the mysteries, cults and weird uncles. Raise up the dead ones and whisper threaded names in ancient libraries.

In addition to the one I wrote I received one from Sami Uusitalo (who you might remember from various writings – most recently the Four Truths About the Beast of Bögen).

I’m still hopeful that we receive a few additional onesheets. But as I’m getting ready to watch movies and enjoy the Winter Solstice evening I decided to put up the two entries already.

The Opener of Ways is my entry and The Prehensile-tailed Comet is the one that Sami wrote. We are hoping you will enjoy them both.

All in all have a very scart Solstice.

And an eldritch new year…

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