Liber Fanatica #9 seeking Artists!

The venerable WFRP publication Liber Fanatica is seeking talented artists for volume 9.

Publishing art via Liber Fanatica is a great opportunity to reach a wider audience, including RPG industry professionals.

In volume 9, there will be a great variety of topics for artwork illustrating the world of Warhammer Fantasy.

We accept work in diverse media as long as the style fits in the atmosphere of the Old World.
Art orders will range from specific item and landscape illustrations to less specific pieces.

We also accept single piece contributions – long term commitment is not a requirement!

If you’d like to join the ranks of Liber Fanatica artists, scribbling little things like skulls, weapons, rats, etc. (or all of these together in jumbled heaps) is your thing and you’d like to have your work published, please send a message to:

LF9 Art Director

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