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I am really lazy when it comes to blogs. I might bookmark them and then (after few months of “nah, let’s not go there”ing) I’ll just delete them.

But sometimes something simple and/or simply good comes along I begin to take interest. So let me point you towards to blogs that need to be mentioned as excellent source of inspiration for running WFRP (or other rpgs for that matter).

Stuff of Nonsense is gaming blog by a fellow liberfanatic. The writer of this either has too much time on her hands or the best games ever as she takes quite a lot of time to prepare for the games (something I personally tend not to do at all…). Lengthy posts seem to be kind of trade mark of hers but as she has interesting things to say I don’t mind this at all.

Another new finding for me was a picture “blog” called Geek and Gory. It not what you could call “friendly for children” but if you are just browsing through the web you can spend hours here just looking at his findings. Great art for gaming purposes is guaranteed.


I just noticed the Reckless Dice Podcast has changed their domain. Their new site can be found HERE.

3 thoughts on “Stuff of Geeky & Gory Nonsense

  1. Thanks for mentioning the blog! I’m glad you enjoy it. I blame the length of my posts on my penchant for Victorian novels. :)

    I hadn’t seen Geeky and Gory, either–what a great set of images. I love that Beetlejuice picture on the second page.

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