Posting Necromancy

While searching for my campaign blogs from FFG’s forum for fellow LF writer I realised that they have closed a whole lot of thread (or they’ve just gone with some update on the forums). I can still see my posts so I’ll try to save them or more precisely the meaningful ones.

One of these things was “Adventure Seeds” – small ideas of scenarios that we started to gather at Hammerzeit (now long gone). I’ll try to fish them out as they are exactly the kind of inspiration I decided to build this site on. They can be found HERE under Inspiration > Adventure Seeds.

I also decided to include our gaming logs on this site (when ever I get the change to add them). If You have gaming logs that you’re writing somewhere around the seas of internet please let me know and I’ll either link them or copy/paste them here (with Your permission of course).

edit: As I just went through my emails I noticed a message with complete stats for Reik Eels. So there’s now a new page under Downloads called simple WFRP3 that’ll be used to host all kinds of WFRP3 material.

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