Criminal Preview


Don’t tell anyone but the Family is going to make an offer to you in August…

 (Click for larger image.)

It going to be a great tool for all GM and certainly inspirational. I had the change to do some proof-reading and editing and I can assure you that his kind of dedication to hobby and game can only make it better.

edit: I would like to add that the sneak peak is NOT made by me. Only served with permission.

5 thoughts on “Criminal Preview

  1. I’m certainly looking forward to this issue of Liber Fanatica, I had the pleasure on working on one of the articles. The editing, layout and art really stands out even for LF.

    Congrats to everyone involved in this project. and be sure to pick up a issue of LF #8


  2. Definitely looking forward to it. LF 7 was great, and WH3 really needs some more player content.

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