Hold the Kalevala Hammer High

The host of KalevalaHammer and the writer of several important fan supplements for WFRP2, Jackdays, has moved his site into a new address. KalevalaHammer has also received a face lift and for example the timelines (I have used them constantly) can be downloaded as PDFs.

KalevalaHammer has been out there for almost seven years now! It is a respectable accomplishment for an independent fan site and I for one would like to give Jackdays my sound thanks for it.

If for some reason you have not visited it yet you really should. And for old users – remember to update your links.

Tumblr Activated

As I am quite busy Tumblr-user I decided to add another blog to my ever growing blog list. The newest addition is no other than The Daily Empire’s Tumblr that is dedicated to inspirational images for WFRP players.

I would like to point out that none of the images on the said blog are mine. I try to credit their makers when possible. No challenge to the original artist or the holder of the images rights is intended.

Against better knowledge I have also allowed other users to post to this blog. Hopefully we will create a great library of inspiration for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay.

The permanent link for the blog is inserted in the navigation of this page.

Vision of Chaos

As can be seen in the sidebar I’m currently coding my GM tool “Visions of Chaos” (check downloads page) with javascript to insert it to this page. It’s still very much work in progress but works quite nicely even now so I decided to leave it on. I aim to integrate it on its own page and possibly doing a plainer version for hand held devices (as I’m iPhone user myself) but until I get there it work in as a widget. Each time you reload this page it generates a different  NPC (the current variables give already over 100 000 different outcomes).