Play-testers Needed & a New Character Sheet

Just when I thought I would have the time to concentrate to this blog I got sick. My wife got sick And my son got so sick that we had to teach him to sleep without pacifier (luckily I don’t mean Vin Diesel). It’s only a flue but still annoying…

Anyway I had a point to add this anyway!

The sequel to the Master of Shadows campaign that I co-wrote to Liber Fanatica 8 is finished. And this time around we are lucky to have enough time for play-testing.

So I’ll be needing (hopefully) at least two groups to run it before the end of the year. The GM is provided with the scenario and reference material needed but due to editing times needed they will not be as spectacular to look at as the final version of the coming LF9.

If you’d like to help the Liber Fanatica in this way.

In other news:

I added Nisses’s Character Sheet on the Downloads (and would like to add that he is the fastest proof-reader I’ve worked with). One other character sheet was sent to me also but that one got pulled back.

At Strike to Stun forums DagobahDave started on a fast NPC creator that is worth looking at even in this WIP state. And if you haven’t go now to the Magic the Gathering site to check out the superior art of the Innistrad block (find the pictures in the posts under “headlines”. It’s almost as good as the work of the Liber Fanatica artists.

A fellow gamer on Strike to Stun also pointed out some errors in my ancient Caradué-document. I’ll be fixing them when I find the time. For some reason I can’t find his/hers nick or real name anywhere. Thanks anyway!

I was also asked to write a review of a new eBook (The New  Death and others can be found HERE and I’d recommend you to give it a look. I bought it already.). I was intrigued to write it but I thought it is not what this site is about and currently I don’t have the time to write as good reviews I would like. So you just have to take my word on this “check it out”!

That’s that. Quite a lot of stuff. And without proper introductions. Oh well.

Preview of the incoming Norsca map

Warhammer community newer ceases to amaze me. Current example of the skills of the fans of WFRP is the incoming map of Norsca. Jackdays has been on this project for ages and now the updating is almost finished. The Daily Empire got an early sneak preview and the permission to publish this part of the map – the Northern Bretonnia.

The amount of detail is quite stunning. It’s filled with ruins, land marks, town and castles to inspire GMs and players alike.

I think I’m speaking for (at least almost) the whole community when I say: “Excellent work! When can we see more?”

Draft of “The Village of Caradué”

“The Village of Caradué” is a fan-supplement to Warhammer Fantasy Roleplaying Game(tm) by Fantasy Flight Games(tm). It’s not a complete adventure or even a complete for that matter. It however is a toolbox for GMs who would like to set their adventures in Bretonnia or would like to have an example of a Bretonnian village.

This supplement will not include any character profiles or anything by the terms of rules for that matter. Personally I see them as restraining elements that usually get in the way of a good story. And naturally the would have taken a lot of time to come up which is against he principles of laziness. So no stats.

So if I’m lazy why would I go through the trouble to create this piece in the first place? I’m a firm believer in rpg communities and as I’ve gained quite a lot from fellow players over the years I just decided to give something back. Naturally I already had these written down in Finnish so it was simply the matter of translation and coming up with the layout which is always a nice exercise.

So in hope of criticism and praises I present to you this supplement. Hopefully it’ll give you an element to be used in your games or at least some ideas to be ripped off.

As I’m quite busy right now and this thing seems to be growing every time I try to finish it here’s the draft version which is still lacking a quite a bit of material. For the time being it’ll have to do until I can finalize it.

Download the draft HERE.