Random Skaven Trappings

As a part of the Bitter Moors supplement I’m writing I came up with the idea to write a trappings table for Skaven. I have no idea if anyone is ever going to need it but it was fun to write!

This document is not proofread or anything as it will later be published as a part of the said Bitter Moors document. I wanted to publish it beforehand to so my appreciation for the community who came in to help me to fill this table.

So thank you Clanlord Trask & Fleshbeast from the The Under-Empire Forum, and Thank You Chiron, Xathrodox86, Robin Low, Wymslayer, Padre., jackdays, and Gerner from Strike-to-Stun forum!

Download – Random Skaven Trappings (pdf)

2 thoughts on “Random Skaven Trappings

  1. Dear doc_cthulhu, My group just started the Terror in Talabheim adventure (with me as GM; will be followed by the Queen of Embers btw ;-). Tonight is game night and we’ll have a lot of fun with that list. I had a blast reading it at work, laughing out loud in front of my computer. Thank you so much for your effort!
    Best wishes from Berlin


  2. Thanks for the comment! TiT is a great adventure and I hope you have a good time with it!

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