Attack on the River Soll

Got a strange email yesterday.

13th Ulriczeit – River Soll

The attack was both surprising and ferocious and ended only with a bullet through the heart.

The rapport of my shot echoed across the river, and then the dilapidated pier creaked ominously as the ferryman fell with a dull thud.

Stenstrom, my trusted accomplice, kept a bead on the ferryman as Sister Erika lifted her storm lantern to inspect the body more closely.

“It is as I feared,” the Shallyan said, “He was one of them, no doubt about it.”

With one swift motion she yanked a necklace from the ferryman’s neck and lifted it for us to see. Dark shells glistened in the lantern’s pale light.

Sister Erika is from the Order of The Black Dove, a group of Shallyan zealots who actively hunt followers of the Plague God. They are convinced that the thing I am after is in fact one of the dreaded «unreadable».

“It is just like the fell grimoire says,” Sister Erika continued,

And from the tolling of the death knell will you know he is come; and his sign the shell.”

As I looked at the shell necklace and the dead ferryman, I found it hard to disagree. The question is, did he wear the shells to show allegiance, or as protection against something…

A WFRP fan supplement coming soon.


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