2014 Fan-Scenario Writing Contest

Jay Hafner is at it again:

I’m announcing this early this year.  As always, I’ll sponsor a $20 gift certificate to the winner and an official printed copy of “Day Late, Shilling Short” mailed to anyone who submits a completed entry.

If we get at least 5 people to commit (yes there will be drop-out), I will run the contest again this year.  Rules and details from last years contest are here and will be clarified in a later post:  http://community.fan…ntest/?p=818271

I will assist any of you who are not sure where to start or who want additional feedback and editing through the process.

YES, you may write it for any edition of WFRP, however an accompanying 3rd edition conversion sheet is a requirement for entry. We have lots of people who can help with that.

Deadline for rough draft is August 1st.  Final deadline is October 31st.  I give you the rough draft deadline just to keep you all on track.

So, I ask you brave men and women of the Empire:  will you support me again in fighting the good fight?

Jay Hafner

Personally I’m thinking of taking part to the contest with my almost done adventure, but I hope there will be a large number of new adventures written for this anyway!

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