Rekindling an Old Flame

After almost two years since our last campaign with WFRP was buried in silence for the lack of interest I have found myself toying about starting a new campaign with new players. The the past year and a half I have been writing Eldritch Sigils and have not paid a lot of thought to Warhammer. And still I find myself visiting the StS and FFG forum almost daily. I haven’t been quite active but I have been there. Lurking in the shadows sot to speak.

As the summer draws more near starting a new campaign sounds more and more right.

We have just begun a new fantasy campaign with Sigils and I hope it will be great. But as the system of Eldritch Sigils has more to do with narrating the outcomes and completing stories I think I need a counter balance with more complicated fighting and books you can browse through.

I have considered Pathfinder, waiting for the next edition of D&D and would love to run One Ring if it would be less tied with Middle-Earth. But the lure of Warhammer might just be too hard to resist…

Having send an email to couple of friends I have not played in a while I can do little but wait to hear their responses. Hopefully we’ll get the gaming going before it’s winter again…

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