WFRP 2012 Fan-Sponsored Scenario Contest Results

Jay Hafner (aka. Emirikol/Tyridium) held a fan-scenario contest on the Fantasy Flight Games and Strike-to-Stun forums. The results have just been published:

I want to commend all of you authors and judges for your efforts on the 2012 scenario contest project. WFRP fans noticed and appreciate the attention to detail and relentless determination to release a quality product on time. We are proud to have you as part of the WFRP writing team and look forward to your future contributions.

Here are the results of voting:
Top voted: Good Neighbours by Luke Rose
2nd place: The Will of the Diseased by Jonas Richter
3rd place: The Filthy five by Stuart Watkins

Dave Allen asked that his “Of Swords and Shadows” not be ranked, but it did receive votes as well.

We will be putting the permanent product downloads on the Liber Fanatica website. If you authors have any further additions or changes to your scenarios, they can be made and updated at any time.

The authors and GMs who plan to run the scenarios would like additional feedback on the scenarios and those comments can be made in the GMs forum.

Thanks to the authors for contributing 4 SOLID scenario offerings!  Your hard work helps us all!

Jay Hafner

The contest scenarios can currently be found from HERE.

I’d like to congratulate all participants for great work and tip my hat to mr. Hafner who made this possible! Good gaming everyone!

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