Liber Fanatica 9 is almost here

Because it is customary Liber Fanatica has been facing some major problems from various sources. Currently it seems most likely that this massive tome will be published in two parts (and later as one) to allow gamers to get their hand on it as soon as possible.

In fact we are so close to publishing this beast that we are willing to present you a preview article from it. It is Rae Russell‘s article of how to bring problem players back to Sigmar. It includes hands-on advice and ideas to be used in any game.

It should be noted though that this really is only a preview file so some formating will be done later on. And naturally the other articles referenced in this piece will not be available currently (though they give you a nice sneak peek of what is to come!)


If you have any comments on how the article is presented this is your chance to have some influence on the final product.

5 thoughts on “Liber Fanatica 9 is almost here

  1. Hopefully during this month. I know we have promised this for a long time but seriously this time. It’s almost here.

  2. The last pieces are being put together. A week ago I the Four Horsemen got “I’m almost done” word from the deepest vaults of the Inner Sanctum. You must make sacrifices to Slaanesh twice a day and pray Sigmar to forgive you of your heretic ways to help us. Or you could send some goblins as slaves to us. ;)

  3. Confirmed: Liber Fanatica IX files are currently travelling through the ether and into their rightful place on the Liber Fanatica website.


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