Great News Everyone!

It has been a very busy week for me. I’ve managed to make the first draft of my work for LF9 and still I found the time to write quite a lot for a new Blasphemous Cults article. If the name Malal brings a renegade smile on your face I hope you’ll not be disappointed.

As rumors go I’ve heard that the LF8 is going to be released during the first week of August (that is any day now!), Sami Uusitalo is writing a little something new too and FFG going to keep a seminar about WFRP during next Thursday!

I’ve also hosted two new files that have been lost from the Chaos Realm that is Internet, The Forbidden Blades and The Theater of the Damned both by Sami Uusitalo and his magnificent team.

edit: Wrote another one-sheet: The Well of Light is a Lovecraftian encounter on a strange farm where knowledge was searched too keenly and an adventure seed about getting two giants drunk

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