One-sheet Challenge for all GMs

The deal maker for me with the Game Master’s Toolkit were the Episodes included. I’m not big on large written scenarios as they tend to trail of and include a huge number of features I don’t need and make it impossible to run them without alteration. The Episodes however give nice piece of adventure to be expanded and used as needed.

Therefor I’d like to challenge you all to make (at least) one one-sheet.

One-sheets should be just that – an episode in one sheet that can be used as a small encounter, cameo, adventure or even an campaign.

I’m “pro-all editions” I would like to see one-sheets that are stripped from game data (necessary rolls, stat lines etc.) as I believe GMs can decide when needed.

I can also promise to put all one-sheets to be downloaded from my blog Daily Empire (cursed linking isn’t working so check my sig.) if they’re send to me at doc_cthulhu (at) hotmail (dot) com or I’m given the permission to add them to the list. I’m not however in a position to promise anything more than some publicity and (hopefully) a large number of one-sheets as a price for doing this.

A new sub-page for DOWNLOADS was created for one-sheets. You can find my first one-sheet Smugglers in the Sewers there as an pdf and in open office format.

The thread for discussion can be found from FFG’s official forum.

2 thoughts on “One-sheet Challenge for all GMs

  1. Anything goes. I’d like to prefer PDFs but restricting would be against tue whois point of getting a lot of answers. Of needed I can make the text files to PDFs and add a specified layout.

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