Altdorf in Flames

This excellent video was spotted at StS forum by Hereward the Wake. It shows parts of London during Great Fire and is surely inspirational for games of WFRP!

Video description at YouTube:

We are six students from De Montfort University taking part in the Crytek Off the Map project, building a 3D representation of 17th century London before The Great Fire.

For more information on our whole project, including concepts and processes please visit our team blog;

*the team does not claim ownership to the music used in this video, all credit goes the the composer Hans Zimmer, ‘Leave No Man Behind’. Copyrighted.

Edit: The makers of this video have some handy images to be used as handouts at their website. Thanks Ovid for spotting them!

Interview of Sean Connors on RDP & New tutorial videos

Latest Reckless Dice Podcast is the interview with the Lead Developer of Liber Fanatica 8, Sean Connors. Hear out what he is saying and remember to give feedback. We need it for numerous reasons.

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New videos from Bloody Sun Boy have been uploaded to YouTube. As always these are of excellent tutorials for beginners. They will quite likely make things much clearer for those who have been gaming for a while.

Here you go:



New tutorials on YouTube

Bloody Sun Boy (aka. Webhead123 on YouTube) has made a great combat tutorial for WFRP3!

And then there’s the introduction to Warhammer Setting in two parts:

Be sure to check his channel at YouTube as he has quite a lot good videos about role-playing in general. He also told me that there should be other WFRP3 material coming too.