Fantasy Germanies

This post is about Fantasy Germany, but before we get to that, here’s a reminder to go support The Midderlands Kickstarter: it’s got 24 hours to run as of posting this. It’s not not-Germany but it’s definitely Warhammer!

The latest newsletter from Triple Ace Games announced that late next month (August) they’ll be Kickstarting a Holy Roman Empire sourcebook called ‘Satan’s Playground’ for their alt-history Gothic swashbuckling game All For One. Per the newsletter:

France is not the only country beset by demons. For 20 years, the Holy Roman Empire has been torn asunder by religious war stirred up by the forces of Hell and the greed of man. All for One: Satan’s Playground takes characters into a land ravaged by strife, famine, disease, and witchcraft – a land where honor means nothing and survival means everything.

I’ve got the Ubiquity version of this and many of the PDFs and it’s very fun, so I’ll definitely be backing this, but it did make me realise we have a lot of fantasy Englands, Frances, Arabias and Scandinavias, but how many fantasy Germanies are there?

There’s 7th Sea’s Eisen, of course, described on the 2e website as, “A proud yet broken land, Eisen is a nightmare brought to life by three decades of mass murder kept at bay by heroes as dangerous as the horrors lurking in the Nation’s shadows.”

Ars Magica brought out a book on their Rhine Tribunal, Guardians of the Forests, which is very good (and not to be confused with Defenders of the Forest, the fine fan-made WFRP Wood Elf Sourcebook from Liber Fantatica).

There are other periods with quasi-German settings, such as the quasi-nineteenth-century Finsterland (from an Austrian company, but the core is available in English from Drivethru as a digital PDF).

I’m well aware that other parts of Europe are even more poorly served, especially in the East (Mythic Russia and AM’s Transylvania and Russia Tribunals notwithstanding), but what other fantasy Germanies do you know of? Let me know in the comments here or in the blog’s thread at Strike-to-Stun.

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