New WFRP Podcast Goes Live

Noelyuk from FFG’s forum informed the following:

“The show begins with The Enemy Within Revisited. The classic WFRP 1st edition campaign gets a revisit from our team using 3rd edition rules.
What started out as a personal wish to record our sessions has become a fully fledged podcast and I’m really excited about it and hope you are too.

You can find it in the itunes store here:…rs/id1067964927

This hobby of ours is a very fleeting transient thing so it’s great to be able to record our weekly antics for prosperity and awesome now to
be able to share our adventures with other Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay fans and RPG fans in general.

And let’s face it there’s precious little else out there at the moment to satiate your WFRP hunger.

So go and subscribe to stay tuned to The Enemy Within Revisited!

You can find out more about the team at our website here:


Also: I’m still having some issues with the functionality of this site and cannot upload new files. I’ll try to get it fixed but my time is quite limited at the moment.

One thought on “New WFRP Podcast Goes Live

  1. Hi,

    After too many moons, I’ve refreshed my website with a dozen updated documents and 1 new one.
    For the full changelog, click here:

    There you’ll find scores of articles on background, beasts, careers, GM aids handouts, rules, etc.

    I’d describe my style as WFRP1x, i.e. WFRP1 but with the best bits from WFRP2 and WFRP3.
    So while it is aimed at WFRP1, most can be easily used for WFRP2.

    Sorry but I still haven’t finished:
    A Summary of the Imperial court from 2512-2522
    100 randomn encounters in Altdorf
    Grim & Perilous Seas (my maritime masterpiece)

    So drop by, take a look and tell me if you like it!

    Finally, any chance that you could add my site to your Links section?


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