The Gathering

I tend to look for other games as a source of inspiration any time that something new comes along. “Could this be used? Still looks cool, how could I use this?”

With the new incoming set for Magic the Gathering I’ve no trouble of thinking about “how”.

The new set called Innistrad has magnificient art work that I simply as Warhammerish as it gets (maybe excluding Witcher concept art, but then again I’m a fanboy). All GMs should definitely take a look at the art. It is dark and grim setting of Transylvanian horror.


Check it now! HERE

Should you be looking for usable art the later settings of MtG are quite good too. They tend to be quite high fantasy, but with enough searching you can find almost anything.


2 thoughts on “The Gathering

  1. That was an awesome find! Thank you for linking to it. I will “steal” those pictures and use at my table. Now to think of some situation where to use them …



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