First two one sheets added

First two one… Whoah. That was most likely the stupidest way I could put it out. No matter. There are now three one sheets to be downloaded. The new additions are:

Sweet Marrow – DOWNLOAD as PDF

Tired and in need of healing the party come upon a sign pointing down a little path, deeper into the forest. The sign shows a bed, fork and knife and a broken bone dripping with marrow. The town is called Sweet Marrow. The town doesn’t get many visitors and even fewer leave this friendly village. It’s the food. The inn makes a truly wonderful stew, with tender, sweet sauce and meat. (By: Gallows)

The Prisoner – DOWNLOAD as PDFODT

The PCs are asked to help release aman from prison. But who can they trust, andwho exactly is being held captive? (By: monkeylite)

edit: The links of the Prisoner have been corrected. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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