When digging through your bookmarks you usually find only dead links. But sometimes you find gold.

While searching for a small preview of a map project by Andy Law I noticed it wasn’t online anymore. Naturally it bugged me so I just went and asked for it. And got it! And what a map it is. Mr. Law told that it’s still WIP but gave a sneak peek of it anyway.

For WFRP3 players this is something you just can’t live without.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Map of Reikland made by Andy Law aka Hapimeses.

The map of Reikland by Andy Law

2 thoughts on “Reikland!

  1. Andy Law has been working with this map for a couple of years now. The whole project is about the same size as Gitzman’s map and hopefully ready some day. We can only hope that it’s finished someday and we’ll get googlemaps for it.

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