What to watch, part 1

As this was the main reason I got an idea for this blog let’s start with the movies. For GM’s (as myself) the movies are a mixed curse and a blessing. You can get great ideas for scenarios but on another hand your players might have seen the movies too. The feared “I’ve seen this movie already”-comment is almost as annoying as Monthy Python quotes but both are equally impossible to avoid.

However here are a couple of the latest “mood movies” form Warhammer.

Solomon Kane – Great for inspiration for witch hunters. Might have too high tone of fantasy for some.

Black Death – Even better and more warhammerish movie about witch hunters. A definite”must see” for all Warhammer fans.

And as for the older ones two “must see”s are:

The Name of the Rose – Investigation at a monastery.

Jabberwocky – THE movie about Warhammer. At least for me. Watch it! Now.

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